I am a Designer & Developer from Münster, Germany, my name is Sascha. This is my Studio.

Below I‘ve put together 29 examples of what I‘ve been up to in the last couple of years. Smaller jobs, larger projects and even stranger things.
You‘ll neither find fancy animations nor pictures of the office dog. Only the right amount of blah. There‘s no navigation, just take a scroll down memory lane.
Also, catch me if you can.
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1 Again I've teamed with my colleague Kristina Ahlers-Seibel to create a new digital home for Sarah, presenting her various Yoga & Pilates courses and philosophy. And again this is a perfect operational area for Kirby 3, giving Sarah the possibility to work with her site with almost zero guidance. View Sarah Mönig Website – Image 1 Sarah Mönig Website – Image 2 Sarah Mönig Website – Image 3
2 One of these projects where you think, ok, I'd actually buy a few of these things we are shining a light on here. Besides, I've rarely worked with an affiliate group that is fun to work with, which was the case here. Simple but effective design, great photos. View ebios fire Website – Image 1 ebios fire Website – Image 2 ebios fire Website – Image 3
3 About 5 days before release day I decided that along with the new music the website of my band needed a quick overhaul. Which as usually ended in a complete reprogramming, but you know, you live you learn. Well, actually I don't learn, I go through this process every fucking time 🙈 View Here We Stand Website – Image 1 Here We Stand Website – Image 2
4 Every once in a while you get the chance to work on topics you can really relate to, which was the case for They are basically a travel agency specialising in worldwide hiking tours, ranging from Southern Bavaria to Bhutan. It's a huge, content-heavy Drupal 8 project coproduced with Bloofusion and my colleague Sascha Silbermann. View Website – Image 1 Website – Image 2 Website – Image 3
about Most notably I am an outdoor and science fiction lover, avid iphoneographer, guitarist, husband, dad. But I have also spent 20+ years in the industry as an intern, employee, employer, freelancer, business owner and entrepreneur wearing many different hats. If there’s something like a generalist, that probably fits. In the meantime I usually work as a dedicated Web Designer and Frontend Developer and I‘m lovin‘ it. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Intermission 5
6 The OMCampus website mainly promotes online marketing seminars, which can filtered by topics and speakers. Again, this is a Drupal 8 project coproduced with Bloofusion (content) and my colleague Sascha Silbermann (backend development). View OMCampus Website – Image 1 OMCampus Website – Image 2 OMCampus Website – Image 3
7 Onepager for the was Handelsagentur GmbH, who reside in the historic heart of Münster. All content sections can easily be organized and edited via Kirby CMS. While I was responsible for front- and backend coding my colleague Kristina Ahlers-Seibel did the smooth design prominently featuring the very nice Cera Pro typeface. View was Handelsagentur Website – Image 1 was Handelsagentur Website – Image 2 was Handelsagentur Website – Image 3
8 I started to work on this project right in the middle of production, helping the inhouse development team with the frontend code as well as some Kirby CMS and design aspects. Some things have changed since the launch but it's still a great looking site and besides that they offer super interesting tours. View Moja Travel Website – Image 1 Moja Travel Website – Image 2 Moja Travel Website – Image 3
9 I am a big fan of minimal, vector-style design shirts, but tired of international shipping costs. So I figured I better create my own shirts, which will result in the launch of a project called sometime in 2022. Laminim Logo – Image 1 Laminim Logo – Image 2 Laminim Logo – Image 3
11 The 'Ateliers' is a coworking space located at Münster's old freight yard. When I was a resident there for roughly a year, we coproduced a fancy flash website (never mind, kids) portraying the approximately 20 artists. In '18 they wisely decided to relaunch the site, which we eventually did. The design was done by the insanely talented illustrator Robert Nippoldt while I brought the project to life via Kirby CMS. View Ateliers Hafenstraße Website – Image 1 Ateliers Hafenstraße Website – Image 2 Ateliers Hafenstraße Website – Image 3
12 voiXen is a cloud-based speech analytics software. The multilanguage website is powered by Kirby CMS and features a modular design system, which allows the company to easily build unique content pages by combining pre-designed elements. View voiXen Website – Image 1 voiXen Website – Image 2 voiXen Website – Image 3
13 For this logo I decided to combine constructed letters for the abbreviation 'OMC' with a classic sans-serif typeface. I chose one of my all-time-favs, Avenir® Next, which works stunningly well I think. OMCampus Logo – Image 1 OMCampus Logo – Image 2 OMCampus Logo – Image 3
14 Quick frontend dev job for my colleague Stefan Große Halbuer, who is exploring everybody's favourite buzzword 'Blockchain' in his master thesis. View Blockchain verstehen Website – Image 1 Blockchain verstehen Website – Image 2
kirby If you read carefully through this website you probably noticed the word 'Kirby' a lot. And if you are not familiar with this genius piece of software, it is a flat-file-CMS made in Germany. Which not necessarily is the reason for it's ingenuity, but Bastian Allgeier is, who developed the powerful and ultra-flexible system. So I guess he is to blame for why I talk almost every client into using it. Coincidentally and serendipitously, they all love it. Intermission 15
16 Coproduced with my colleagues Jan Höckesfeld and Stefan Große Halbuer for consulting firm Laute & Partner, this corporate website's core is the interactive services section based on outline illustrations, which guides the user through the various topics. I was responsible for the frontend development. View Laute & Partner Website – Image 1 Laute & Partner Website – Image 2 Laute & Partner Website – Image 3
17 The logo for Markus Hövener's online marketing podcast was mainly designed to work on small audio plattform covers. So we came up with the idea to use it on sort of unicolor backgrounds and give it a street name sign feel, which stands out pretty well in endless lists of podcast titles. Search Camp Logo – Image 1 Search Camp Logo – Image 2
18 This marketing agency's name 'Hexenwerk' translates to 'sorcery', so the choice for the primary color was a no-brainer. Besides that we were going for a super-clean, image-heavy layout, which we eventually carried out. Unfortunately the 'witches' decided to pursue other jobs, so the site's gone offline. Hexenwerk Website – Image 1 Hexenwerk Website – Image 2 Hexenwerk Website – Image 3
instagram @SaschaFromMars Instagram to me started as an alternative to my beloved effect camera app Hipstamatic, although obviously not as good. Well, things changed, and while you won’t see any influencer crap – at least not intended – I would be happy to share some snapshots with you. Intermission 19
20 Like most dedicated beer lovers I eventually jumped on the home brewing bandwagon with a few friends. After producing our first brands 'Pale Fiction', 'The Trans Porter', 'I'pa Legend' and 'Mad Mix' we clearly needed a proper logo. And the rest is, well, not exactly history, but a lot of fun. Stewwood Brewing Company Logo – Image 1 Stewwood Brewing Company Logo – Image 2 Stewwood Brewing Company Logo – Image 3
21 Older project that I realised with my former company PROGRESS. A super-content-heavy distance learning plattform based on Drupal. Tons of features from rating systems to lead management and a not too easy challenge to make this work on mobile devices. View Fernstudium Direkt Website – Image 1 Fernstudium Direkt Website – Image 2 Fernstudium Direkt Website – Image 3
22 Packaging for the first EP of my band Here We Stand. Always fun to design something without a briefing or client guidelines. Which of course wasn't the case here, since we are a totally democratic bunch of egocentrics :D Here We Stand Ways Packaging – Image 1 Here We Stand Ways Packaging – Image 2 Here We Stand Ways Packaging – Image 3
ello @SaschaFromMars I was amazed by their bravery, when two of my favourite designers, Berger & Föhr, started a new ad-free social media platform named Ello, and I jumped on the train right away. The site has some fresh concepts, although nowadays things evolved quite a lot since they launched in 2014. But it’s still a great place to discover especially arty experimental work. Intermission 23
24 Sort of unconventional website for plumbing and heating installer Schlering GmbH, designed by my colleague Jan Höckesfeld. The content pages are basically a fullscreen slider, so the emphasize lies on huge images in the background. View Schlering Website – Image 1 Schlering Website – Image 2 Schlering Website – Image 3
25 Small Kirby CMS website for personal- and self-defense-trainer Mirith from Münster. Unfortunately this version is not online anymore, but I still like the color scheme. Feel Fit Website – Image 1 Feel Fit Website – Image 2
26 Logo design pitch for a recording studio, of course referring to the infamous nightclub Studio 54. Since I love the original logo by Gilbert Lesser, I thought it might be nice to construct a really bold 53 and add my beloved Gotham Black to it. Didn't win, but I like it anyway. Studio 53 Logo – Image 1 Studio 53 Logo – Image 2 Studio 53 Logo – Image 3
xing @Sascha_Bregenhorn If you are more into the business way of connecting, you can catch me on XING. I also have a LinkedIn profile but I really don‘t get what people like about that platform, so I won’t even link it. Hey, at least I am honest. If in doubt, visit me for a hot, analog coffee. Worked for decades. Intermission 27
28 Huge e-commerce project for Kettler Premium and Weber Partner Peter Süße® that I've been maintaining for years now, partly with my former company PROGRESS. The shop is based on xt:Commerce but with an integrated Drupal solution for additional content. View Peter Süße Shop – Image 1 Peter Süße Shop – Image 2 Peter Süße Shop – Image 3
29 Logo for my band, which has been used in countless marketing activities and on several print products. The style is somewhat unusual for a rock band, let alone the portrait orientation. And that's one reason why we still like it. Here We Stand Logo – Image 1 Here We Stand Logo – Image 2 Here We Stand Logo – Image 3